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Criteria for Selecting an Ideal Retractable Banner Stand

There’s barely a company today that does not see the significance of deploying retractable banner stands at tradeshows and exhibition as product marketing and promotion tools. These banner stands boast well documented strengths, such as easy setup, portability, and attention grabbing power. However, specific retractable banner stand designs usually match just specific promotional goals. Thus, it’s important to consider your marketing aim when choosing, and the guidelines below may be useful to you:

Versatility of Construction

Identify construction that’s fully adoptable to your desired use, be it outside or inside. If these banners are for outside exhibition, you need to assess if they come with all the attributes needed to survive environmental harshness, for example a hard-wearing scrim vinyl for protection of graphics from vanishing on exposure to the sun, as well as strength to stay upright despite the effects of the wildest of winds.

The Size Factor

Choose the size of your retractable banner stand based on how you intend to use it. Normally, banner size ranges from a width of 10″ to 60″ and height of 7″ to 90″. Start by determining the size of your exhibition booth to work out banner size. On a general note, pick the banner size that’s adequate to pull potential buyers without blocking their way in. When you’ve deployed other promotional tools at your fair, check that their impact is optimized rather than dwarfed by unnecessarily massive banners.

Any Likely Content Change for Your Retractable Banner Stand?

Will there be the need to edit the message and graphics on your banner? You may not have already addressed that consideration, yet the frequency with which you intend to use the same retractable banner stand for unique promotions does decide the type you should get. In case you’ll be deploying the banner for a single purpose for as long as it’s useful, for instance showcasing your business logo or advertising a key product, you need a banner style featuring a fixed graphic cassette. On the contrary, if your marketing-oriented banner is meant for several products, and you regularly change your promotions, you’re better off with an interchangeable graphic cassette because it lets you change the exhibition content when need be.

Consider Quality Requirements

Every banner has its quality depending on the type of material it’s made of. Cheaper banners will do fine if you won’t be using them a lot of times. Their quality may be relatively low, but they are great for use in a gentle environment outside. Banners of superior-quality are durable on frequent use, and they’ll also survive outdoor environmental hazards.

Choose the best retractable banner stands as they offer great marketing value, and they’re extremely versatile, portable, and easy to install.

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